Karen Shy Martin, or Shy Martin as we all know her, is one of the most philanthropic people I know in The Keys and Ocean Cay. She is also one of the most connected people I know as well. You would most likely not know, but there aren’t many people on the island that don’t owe Shy some sort of a favor, including many of the higher profile residents on the island.
The go-to person in Islamorada is Shy Martin
Steeped in the nuances of luxury Islamorada properties, as well as keeping confidential information to herself, Shy is an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase or sell higher value property.
Keys Life Magazine Cover Shy of Ocean Cay
Always clear and concise, she will listen intently and perform diligently. Reach out to Shy Martin, her contact information is below.
Knowledge beyond the MLS – Ocean Cay, Port Largo
Shy Martin often has a list of properties that owners would sell, but are not interested in putting on the market. Reach out to describe what you are looking for, she may already know of something. Some of those neighborhoods are Ocean Cay, Blackwater Sound, Port Largo, Key Colony Beach, and Duck Key. Neighborhoods such as Ocean Cay are almost impossible to buy in, as many times the houses are sold before they are ever listed. Shy can solve that for you.
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